Helping others understand how animation works, both technically and artistically, is a passion of mine. Having been an educator for nearly 10 years and teaching hundreds of students, I've watched these young minds challenge themselves to be more curious, more patient, and begin to look at the world as a place full of inspiration.

“Austin Broder is presenter extraordinaire and completely relates to our students offering incredibly authentic, hands-on, real world relevant programs including all the equipment/technology required. Austin is smart, fun, passionate, engaged and a waiting list of students look forward to him returning every year.”

-Linda Yates, Nueva School

“ I wanted to thank you for doing an awesome teaching job! For the longest time I've been wanting to learn Maya and didn't know where to start. I learned everything I wanted to learn going into class and much more.”

- Dalton T. , student

"Austin is a fantastic, dynamic teacher who the kids adore. He has a wealth of technical experience up his sleeves and makes learning a joy."

-Dr. Nina Ollikainen, Menlo School


These are all student made projects from classes I've taught in the past. Although their experience varied, for most of the students this was their first time ever working in 3D animation. They worked over an incredibly limited amount of time (one or two weeks) although projects of this caliber usually take a college student about 6 months! Be sure to explore to learn more about the process!



A knight goes out on a walk and encounters a dangerous dragon!


"The scientist"

A scientist tries to save his sick dog, but not all goes as expected...


"Warrior vs. wizard"

In an epic battle as old as life itself, who will win?


Specializing in specialization, Animation Redefined can personally tailor curriculum to accommodate your time limitations and requirements to make the most of your experience. Everything from classes to talks and lectures. Contact me with any inquiries. Here are some of the topics that I cover:

Model by student Josh

Model by student Josh

3D Modeling and Sculpting

An opportunity to learn the incredibly fun art of digital sculpting! Learn how to use the tools that professionals use at every major movie and games studio to create your own characters, models, and environments.


Character Animation

The magic of bringing something to life is what we’re covering here! Feel what it’s like to be an animator at a major studio like Pixar by learning how to use character rigs, or digital puppets, and create your own original animations!


*NEW* Stop Motion

Some of the original movie magic! Learn how to create your own stop motion puppets, then get all the industry secrets as you bring an inanimate object to life with nothing more than your hands!



Austin Broder is a 3D artist, animator, and educator based out of Northern California. Since he was a kid, animation has always been something he was drawn to and upon his first experience with an animation software he knew he had found his passion.

He started his career in his hometown of Nashville working with talented artists at Magnetic Dreams working on animation for Sesame Street, Marvel, and more. Then traveled to Boston, MA where he worked at Brickyard VFX and General Gau Animation Studios doing commercial work for Dunkin' Donuts, Geico, Progressive, The Red Sox, and worked to bring Chester Cheetah to life for the new international campaign for Cheetos.

Most recently, he's been working with a remote team of artists from Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony Animation, and more to create animated films such as Book of Mojo ( and Pure ( Additionally he works full-time with Digital Media Academy as the curriculum development and instructional supervisor.


If you're interested in getting a quote or bringing an unforgettable educational experience in animation to your students, please feel free to reach out here!

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